The world’s most advanced forecourt protection system

PEIMF+ member, VARS Technology have saved forecourt retailers several million pounds already. The world’s most advanced forecourt protection system instantly reduces drive offs and then keeps them at bay!

VARS Technology provides the world’s most advanced forecourt protection and parking service. Using a state-of-the-art ANPR solution developed over several years, the result is the most effective drive off reduction tool in the industry. With approximately 25,000 vehicles known for offences countrywide, forecourts can get instant protection from the minute the system is switched on. With the ability to mark a vehicle for aggressive behaviour, fly tipping and retail theft as well as fuel theft, this gives staff and retailers that added protection.

ANPR cameras

Using state of the art ANPR cameras they alert the cashier before a vehicle even arrives at a pump! Not only that, but they also chase first time offenders to reclaim the stolen fuel money; boasting the highest recovery rates in the industry.

The system includes a reporting tool for No Means of Payments and Drive offs which enables a cashier or manager to submit the details required in two minutes or less, so they are not tied up too long and embarrassed customers don’t have a lengthy ordeal.

With additional features such as, hot and cold storage temperature records, age refusal records and contractor signing in and out, these free value-added features make this a well-rounded forecourt tool.

As a fully accredited member of the British Parking Association, VARS Technology can also manage any car park small or large to free up spaces for customers to come and spend money in your outlets. Profits from parking are shared too.

The VARS system can protect your forecourt in many ways

VARS Dashboard allows simple 1 click management of the site for operators. Each vehicle that arrives or leaves the site shows at the top left corner of the screen. The operator can add any vehicle to the Blacklist with a simple click of a mouse, or they can Blacklist to a category with 2 clicks.


  • You will receive an audible and visual alert immediately when any of the following drive on to your site
  • Blacklisted vehicle for previous drive off
  • Blacklisted vehicle for previous no means of payment not yet settled
  • Blacklisted vehicle for previous dream off not settled
  • Blacklisted Vehicle for previous aggression towards staff
  • Warnings that vehicle may be stolen if make, model and colour do not match DVLA
  • Customer service alerts (Disability assist days ETC)
  • Shop theft alerts
  • Jet wash damage protection


Award winners

In November last year, at the MK Stadium Milton Keynes, VARS Technology were absolutely delighted to be announced the winners of the prestigious APEA Award for Innovation.

2023 VARS latest

Increased site count by over 500 sites in Q1 2023.

Recovered over £1 million for UK customers.

Due to be rolled out to another 1000 sites in the next 6 months.

Drive offs reduced by over 80% for all customers with ANPR sites.


EG Group – Sameer Ali

Vars Technology produce a fast and simple to use end to end solution using forward thinking technology. The whole process could not have been any easier.

Sharma Garages Group – Kumar Sharma

I have found the ANPR Forecourt Protection and parking services to be an essential part of a forecourt business.

EG Group – Talke Pits

The Vars system has enabled us to generate revenue from our small car park, and revenue sales are up.

Shell Horncastle – Guy White

The team are fantastic, service is superb quality of images is second to none. The system helps us serve our customers better, particularly disabled and elderly people.


VARS Forecourt Technology

VARS Parking
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