The importance of training

We speak with Maja Nedic, European Sales Manager, Nupi Industrie Italiane S.p.A.

Why is training so important?

Dealing with hazardous fluids is no joke! It requires knowledge of local standards and products, to ensure an installation that is long-lasting and safe for people and the environment.

As a manufacturer, we have responsibility to ensure the quality of our products and standards but, once the product is out the door, we rely on the expertise of our certified installers.

How does one become a certified installer?

The training has to be done by one of our certified installers. For example, I had to pass an in-depth training programme to receive my certification. This is renewed every 3 years, in order to ensure we are up to date with latest standards and products.

Nupi has hundreds of certified instructors around the world, who provide training to customers either at their location or at one of our 6 factories or warehouses.

As a European Sales Manager, I have been providing training and technical support to hundreds of customers across Europe and, overall, we now have several thousands of certified installers in over 140 countries in the world.

How difficult is the training?

Not at all, and it is usually completed within a few hours.

The Smartflex pipework system is made in a way that it is really easy to install, and it helps the installer a great deal by automating many steps. For example, all our fittings have bar codes on them that contain the information on the type, size, welding parameters etc so by simply scanning the fittings with a bar code reader, all that information is recognised by the welding machine.

The welding machine also measures the outside temperature and automatically adjusts the welding time, ensuring the quality of the weld.

After the practical and theoretical training has been successfully passed, an installer receives his personalised SMARTCARD, which contains his name, company name, skill level, validity and language preference. Our welding units work in 7 different languages, so by scanning the bar code on the smartcard the welding unit choses the language of the installer.

In addition, the company and the installer are automatically registered on our ITS (Interactive Tracking System) where they can log in with their details and check the list of their installers, validity of smartcards and their sites under warranty. It also provides a reference for our clients to show that their people have indeed undergone training by us, as a manufacturer.

What are some of the biggest challenges in training someone?

There really aren’t many. I have trained people of various skills levels, from beginners to experienced fitters. Nonetheless, I make sure that I cover all the steps, so everyone is confident in their knowledge and skill. I speak several languages, so we always find a common language, but even if I am lost for a word, we always manage!

Sometimes, training on site can be challenging; due to weather conditions, and I’ve had it all from super muddy conditions to extreme hot and cold – but we always get there!

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