The Devil is in the detail

Would you benefit from a free insurance policy healthcheck?

Is your forecourt adequately Insured?

PEIMF member, Jackaman Insurance Services offer a specialist, professional service and are specialists in placing Forecourt Insurances including Property Damage covers.

Its vastly experienced principal – Peter Jackaman – offers a free policy healthcheck. This is a ‘no-cost’ opportunity for you to make sure you’re fully, adequately covered.

“We have many available Insurers at our fingertips to ensure that the best and widest policy is tailored to our clients’ individual needs. This could Include associated motor fleet and Motor Trade extensions to standard covers.”

Do you have Contamination Liability cover as standard?

We have seen a lot of Insurance Polices exclude damage to Third Party vehicles following contamination to your fuel stock following ingress of water or foreign bodies. This could be an expensive liability which is why some Insurers will exclude it.

Do you have cover for Denial of Access or Failure of Electricity?

Have you had a failure of electricity or your Local Authority dig up the road and prevent access to your premises – resulting in loss of business? Some policies will not naturally extend to cover for these eventualities.

Are there exclusions sitting in your policy you are not aware of?

We have lost count of the amount of policies we have checked for prospective clients, which have exclusions and restrictive conditions which could result in Insurers declining to deal with a claim.

Peter started his insurance career in 1981 at Lloyds of London, on an underwriting syndicate. He then switched to Insurance Broking, concentrating on negotiating heavy Insurance contracts in both the Lloyds and London Insurance markets; arranging business on behalf of regional Insurance Brokers, who were not able to place “difficult” or high risk” business with their local Insurers. Such business included Heavy Contractors, entertainment and leisure, heavy motor fleets, petrochemical and related business etc.

In 1997, he decided to leave the City and use his expertise to negotiate contracts direct with the Policyholders themselves, rather than with their Brokers. This allowed him to have a better understanding of his clients’ needs and tailor contracts especially for them, whilst retaining his London market insurer contacts.

Industry specialist

Jackaman Insurance Services is a recognised Forecourt Broker, working closely with petroleum experts, including the PRA and PEIMF. They pride themselves in their ability to provide bespoke products for their clients and can offer a varied spectrum of covers. They have a panel of insurers willing to participate and welcome any enquirer.

Peter comments:

“We have come across many insurance contracts, which do not include the widest cover available, and with exclusions or cover restrictions which the Policyholder may not be aware of, so we are pleased to offer our “Free policy healthcheck” to anybody who would like to use it”

It costs you nothing and will really be worth it.

Environmental Liability

An Environmental Liability policy can include cover for:

  • Loss arising from pollution conditions
  • Own site clean-up costs
  • Off site clean-up costs
  • Biodiversity damage
  • Third party bodily injury on/off-site
  • Third party property damage on/off-site
  • Defence & assessment costs
  • Emergency response costs
  • Mitigation expenses
  • Environmental crisis containment

Free Policy healthcheck

We offer all Forecourt owners a “no obligation” free policy health check. Just send it in to or click the “petrochem” button on our website and complete the easy contact form and we will contact you.

Otherwise, please contact one of our team on 01474 557427

Peter Jackaman
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