Don’t underestimate the power of training. Invest for success!

TSG UK Solutions is recognised for the provision, installation and maintenance of forecourt equipment across the country. However, as with every good company, supporting its customer base is of paramount importance and remains pivotal to its success.

Training is an integral part of the foundation upon which TSG UK’s after-sales service department is built, and a critical component of its customer satisfaction programme.

More than just a classroom

Tracy Oldroyd heads up TSG’s training division and is responsible for setting and executing a packed training schedule for both customers and employees. Tracy’s background as a retailer in both newsagents and off-licences means that she is best placed to understand the challenges that TSG’s customers face. Tracy has in-depth knowledge of store management, stock control, retail marketing and consumer behaviour, which has proved invaluable when visiting sites that are struggling to optimise profits.

In addition, Tracy is very familiar with the software that TSG customers use on a daily basis, both from a training perspective and as a retailer. This knowledge helps her to appreciate their frustrations when they are experiencing difficulties.

Using her extensive skills, Tracy is able to advise site managers on topics such as; maximising the space available within the store, which products to display front and centre, approaching suppliers for support with point-of-sale materials and offering free samples of tasty new snacks; tempting those whose sole intention was to purchase fuel. Furthermore, and potentially most crucial, how to run succinct and meaningful reports that advise managers on their best-selling stock and, likewise, their poorest performing items. All in an effort to improve the ordering process and stocking levels.

For TSG’s own help-desk staff, the focus is on teaching the team to understand the problems faced by customers at a granular level, so they are able to show empathy with the callers and swiftly resolve their issues.

Pre-installation training

Prizma (formerly FuelPOS) is the industry-leading electronic point of sale (EPOS) system that seamlessly integrates with fuel dispensers, price signs, tank level gauges, car washes, electric vehicle charge points and the back office, providing fuel retailers with full site control. When investing in a new EPOS, such as Prizma, it is essential that key members of staff are able to set up the back office system to suit the business requirements – before the installation is concluded.

All training is done on a day and time to suit the customer, so as to minimise interference in daily operations. The first session is held online and lasts for a couple of hours; covering the basics such as: creating suppliers, entering the stock inventory and completing shelf labels. This is followed up by a visit to the site, where the nominated members of staff receive one-to-one coaching on setting permission levels to control employee access, generating standard reports, margin control, order entry and electronic delivery notes. Staff will be fully up to speed before going live.

Of course, TSG’s training extends to many other products and solutions, including; DX Retail, T-Media, EMIS, Iridium and handheld terminals (HHTs) amongst others.

Small changes make a big difference

There’s no denying the shopping experience has truly transformed in recent years, with many people choosing to shop online where possible. However, motorists will always need to visit forecourts to refuel and will often pick up a few necessities whilst they are there. So it is imperative that site owners make their experience as enjoyable as possible, to ensure they choose to shop there again.

TSG’s training helps site managers to make small changes that make a big difference! For instance: requesting counter staff to acknowledge customers on entry to the store, opting for a clean store layout that is easy to navigate, creating a colourful and welcoming display of merchandise, stocking fresh local farm produce and ensuring current special offers are well signposted.

When budget allows, the adoption of T-Media at the fuel dispenser can really help to boost shop sales and profit margins, by driving targeted advertising during the refuelling process. TSG provides training on all aspects of T-Media, from content management to the creation of a successful promotional strategy, that will generate additional footfall into the store.

Your training – your way

Training is something that supports consistency, efficiency, and productivity in a business, like a backbone that runs through everything that employees do. That is why it is essential, that the training chosen has been tailor-made to the company’s operational requirements and, once completed, has proven to be beneficial in practice.

TSG is totally committed to improving its customers’ performance and profit margins through the power of effective training. Tracy Oldroyd commented:

“Businesses should not be afraid to invest in staff training programmes to improve knowledge, skills and performance, which ultimately leads to better productivity.

Dedicating time to your employees and a adopting structured approach to training can reap substantial rewards.”

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