Cost-effective environmental solutions from Ancorra

Ancorra Environmental provide an innovative approach to balance the demands of sustainability, whilst delivering cost-effective environmental management solutions. They are confident that their expertise will assure your project will be completed efficiently and in strict compliance to all the relevant health, safety and environmental regulations. Their spectrum of services are overseen by dedicated project managers to ensure your satisfaction.

24 hour spill response

Emergencies seldom arise during normal working hours, so Ancorra are available when you need help most. They are experienced in responding to emergency situations, both in the first instance and during any resultant clean-up operations. Vehicles, equipment and labour can be instantly deployed to help minimise any risk to employees, the public and the environment, whilst maintaining high levels of standards and professionalism.

Technical personnel can attend site and assist in liaising with authorities. All your legal obligations will be met, and advice and reports could minimise the severity of any formal action against your company.

Waste management

By examining, mapping and analysing all waste streams on site, their technical expertise ensures that customers are utilising the best environmental and financial options for their waste disposal, whilst adhering to all applicable health, safety and environmental legislation.

They promote recovery and recycling options to provide cost-effective environmental management solutions. Ancorra are free to choose the most suitable approved licensed facility, to provide you with the best environmental option at the most competitive prices. This flexible approach enables them to provide significant cost savings to the customer.

They can supply all your packaging, labelling and documentation in strict compliance with all legislation; and ensure that you are provided with any necessary documentation, returns and reports to provide an audit trail and demonstrate your compliance. Their own fleet of vehicles can then provide transport for bulk, packaged or skipped waste.

Interceptor maintenance services

A representative will ensure that all requirements are fully understood and that all documentation, including method statements, risk assessments and other documents are prepared in advance. Fully trained personnel will be briefed on site specifics, to enable Ancorra to provide its services with minimal disruption on your premises.

They hold all the essential apparatus to complete all types of maintenance and clearance works including: hot and cold cutting equipment, high pressure jetters, breathing apparatus, confined space entry safety equipment, vacuum loading and DISAB tankers.

They can decommission tanks or plant, or even manage the entire site clearance. Ancorra would segregate materials on site, diverting all recyclable materials for recovery, at a significant cost saving to the project, ensuring remaining materials are safely treated and disposed of.

On completion, a report can be issued, detailing tasks completed and containing all the necessary documentation, providing you with a fully auditable summary of the project.

Bulk liquid transport

They ensure that the correct vehicle is provided, with all the necessary fittings, for both uploading and offloading of the material. Should you require, Ancorra’s technical team can assess your waste and locate an appropriate fully licensed recovery or treatment facility for final disposal.

All necessary paperwork will be provided to accompany your load in accordance with environmental legislation ensuring that your activities are fully compliant and auditable.

Fuel uplift and transfer services

Ancorra’s high specification road tanker fleet consists of a large range of modern vehicles. These include: multicompartment tankers, 304-316 stainless steel barrels from 15,000L to 30,000L capacity vacuum tankers with the whole range of fittings such as camlock, bauer, BSP, screw or other speciality fittings.

The fleet is ADR certified, compliant for fuel transfers and uplifts under current petroleum regulations too.

Using purpose-built ATEX approved pumping equipment, they have experience in the ­­safe handling of all types and grades of fuels.

Clean and dry tank certificates can also be provided for inspection and added peace of mind. Water filling and dewatering solutions are also available services should you require.

Tank & vessel cleaning

Ancorra provides a full service, beginning with a comprehensive site survey right through to the issue of a gas free certificate, if required.

Once an order is received, a bespoke health & safety pack is produced. They can provide jetting units, breathing apparatus, safety equipment, hot/cold cutting tools and support vehicles, to ensure that the job is completed efficiently and professionally.

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