Berrys electrical chamber

PEIMF member, Berrys Technologies, have provided us with an introduction to a bespoke product for use in electrical installations.

Berrys have been listening to its customers’ needs and the ever-changing requirements (especially in this instance electrical) on forecourts. We are proud to introduce a new chamber: The Berrys Electrical Chamber.

This new bespoke chamber uses the extensive research, development & design requirements that our customers know us for. With the many proven years of Atlas ‘Plug & Play’ Mono Gen II chambers, this was the evolutionary step to help with the requirement ‘to isolate any potential vapour or fumes from
entering a building’

The background for the Electrical Chamber, is that with the increased demand for electrical cabling, earth, data, CAT 5 & 6, CCTV, pay at pump, lighting (the list goes on) all this cabling had to be eventually fed back into the cashier’s desk within a building. This is a potential leak path for vapour to follow the cable ducting into a building, which in turn could have disastrous consequences. A well know large supermarket tasked Berrys for a solution; and we developed the
Electrical Chamber.

Six ’boots’

The Electrical chamber is large enough 1.2 x 1.2 x 0.6m (high) to allow six separate, fully sealable Berrys multi step boot systems. Each of these six ‘boots’ have various combinations of gland sizes to accommodate all the cabling requirements for the site. A height adjustable corbel gives the onsite installer the flexibility to get a ‘flush to the forecourt’ finish.

Berrys have a long-standing relationship with Fiberlite (using Fibrelite ground covers on the market leading Mono Gen II tank chamber) and this chamber also utilises Fibrelite composite covers. As with all ‘plug & play’ products from Berrys it is pre-assembled and
pre-tested at their Birmingham based factory and will be delivered next day. Once onsite and ready to be installed, the Electrical Chamber is the last barrier to stop any potential leak path into the building. It is located as close to the building entry point as possible and, when fitted/installed with a vapour alarm, ensures a safe and easy solution. The previously mentioned large supermarket now specifies Berrys Electrical Chamber on all its forecourts.

Please feel free to contact Berrys on 0121 558 4411 or with any requirements or support you require.

Article - Berrys electrical chamber
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