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Motorists in the UK may have noticed a focus on driver safety by National Highways, the government-owned company charged with operating motorways and major A roads in England, and local government bodies, such as Transport for Greater Manchester.

National Highways, are using digital gantry screens to remind motorists to carry out safety checks including checking tyres. Transport for Greater Manchester are using illuminated traffic information screens located on busy roads and intersections, to remind drivers to check their tyre pressure and screen wash levels; to stay safe and legal.

AIR-serv is the market leading air vending supplier, with a history dating back to 1984. From its head office and manufacturing facility in Wigan, AIR-serv supports petrol forecourt operators with accurate and reliable digital tyre inflation services; used around the clock by motorists. With a focus on supplying new equipment through its bespoke Revenue Share and Rental programs, AIR-serv is the go-to supplier for forecourt ancillary equipment.

Surveys and information

We all know that an air machine can help distressed motorists out of a short-term bind, to get them back on the road. However, surveys by the British Tyre Manufacturers Association report have repeatedly shown a quarter of vehicles to have at least one tyre 25% under-inflated. This leads to increased fuel consumption, poorer vehicle handling and reduced tyre life. This equates to over 600,000 tyres and 1.5 million tonnes of CO2 being wasted in the UK every year due to tyre under-inflation; highlighting the need to proactively check tyre pressures.

Correctly inflated tyres have a positive impact on motorists’ bank balances too. If a tyre is over or under inflated, less rubber will be in contact with the road; which leads to increased tread wear and resulting in tyres wearing out sooner. With the current cost-of-living crisis, this is an expense motorists can do without. Forecourt staff can advise any motorists struggling to find the correct tyre pressure that this information is usually available in the vehicle manufacturers’ handbook, inside the fuel filler cap or driver’s door sill.

Petrol Forecourts can benefit from these information campaigns, by offering modern air facilities and upgrading their machines to offer screen wash. In a recent survey, customers of a large convenience retailer explained that they choose to purchase screen wash from the AIR-serv air machine, so as not to be left with the empty 5-litre plastic container to dispose of; citing ‘plastic guilt’. They also mentioned a fear of spillages from part-used open containers in the boot, and the cost of the larger 5-litre containers, when they can take a smaller volume from the AIR-serv air machine at a lower price.

Reliable machines

AIR-serv preaches the importance of modern, digital and, most importantly, reliable air machines on retail forecourts; to both support the motoring public and to help forecourt operators to generate ancillary revenue. Advances in machine technology allow AIR-serv to monitor new revenue share machines, to check usage and diagnose some issues before motorists and site operators report the machine as unserviceable.

With forecourts increasingly focusing on the convenience side of their business, and the staff’s time more constrained, it makes perfect sense to partner with the air vending market leader. This leaves time for site operators to focus on the convenience side of their business.

AIR-serv supply air, vac, and jet wash machines to compliment the valeting offer on any forecourt. Please contact the AIR-serv sales team on 01942 722333 or email for further information.

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