A hattrick of innovations from STA Technical for the petrol forecourt sector

On a mission to make life easier for its forecourt clients, STA Technical’s reputation is for quality and innovation.

Managing director Warren Peters says:

“When talking with clients, they say where we add real value, is by designing and developing products and components that mitigate the hassle factor usually associated with undertaking key jobs on the forecourt.”

Here, STA introduces three such products: 

Offset fuel label

An incident, in which a child was injured, prompted STA to develop an alternative label system that not only conforms to regulatory requirements, but offers a host of benefits at the forecourt.

Warren explains:

“On hearing that the child needed stitches in his leg having fallen on the sharp edge of an offset fuel label, we knew we could improve upon the existing holder design and develop a system that was not only safe, but delivered an improved and modern label design.

“In line with our ‘evolution not revolution’ philosophy, we have engineered out all sharp corners on our label holders and they’re all fitted with a rubber safety edging as standard. We’ve also changed the clamping system to make it quicker and easier to mount the label.”

With STA’s laminated label system using aviation technology, the new labels are not only weatherproof, but are UV resistant, offer temperature stability and are easy to wipe down. And if the labelling needs to be changed due to a site refresh or grade change, it’s a case of following a few simple steps to remove the old and affix the new.

Fit for purpose pump calibration trolley

STA’s 20-litre fuel cannister trolley was designed on the request of TSG UK Solutions, and is used to undertake pump measurement checks on the forecourt.

It is recommended that fuel dispensers undergo a pump measure check at least once per year, to maintain compliance with the service legislation set by the Office for Product Safety & Standards (OPSS). If recalibration is required, the technician can adjust and restamp meters on the same day.

To help with the large-scale execution of these checks, TSG UK Solutions commissioned STA Technical to develop a trolley to carry the requisite fuel cannister from pump to pump during the recalibration process.

Warren says:

“The trolley fits the standard 20-litre fuel cannister perfectly  and we have used UK-manufactured wheels and handles to ensure the best of British quality and to support UK business.”

Procurement Team @ TSG UK Solutions state:

“We collaborated with STA Technical to create a prototype of a trolley that would assist our engineers on the forecourts. The prototype was approved by the team at our head office in Dundee and an order was placed for ten trolleys. STA Technical took the time to understand the issue and deliver a product right for the job.  The trolleys are already making a difference on the forecourt.”

Warren adds:

“A trolley isn’t usually a product that gets much of a fanfare, but for those having to move a full 20-litre cannister around, it’s a bit of a gamechanger. In addition to TSG UK Solutions, a couple of other major players are currently trialling the trolley both here and in Ireland. And now we’ve got a tried and tested design it can easily be adapted to provide assistance in other scenarios and environments.”

Simple but effective

With cones used daily on a forecourt, the dilemma faced by forecourt owners is often where to store them and how to keep them secure when not in use.

STA Technical’s cone post provides a simple but effective solution. Fabricated from mild steel and secured to the concrete forecourt, the standard post (height 1400mm) comfortably holds eight cones, all of which are then secured by a padlock on the top of the post.

Warren adds:

“As with many of our best-selling products the idea behind the cone holder is a simple but effective one. Proving their worth, having been installed on several Shell sites, they can also be customised in terms of height and colourway.”

STA Technical

For more information on how STA Technical’s products can support forecourt owners, visit: www.statechnical.com or call Warren Peters on: 07881 702313

STA Technical
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