Primary Authority Partnership

Hampshire Trading Standards

Our Primary Authority Partnership with Hampshire Trading Standards is a fantastic FREE PEIMF member benefit.

Member companies need to “Opt-in” to benefit.

This partnership allows members to receive assured advice on all aspects of the industry, and reduce the risk of contravening legislation. Because the advice given is “assured” it means that all other authorities must respect this.

I’m not sure how this would work in Ireland.


  • FREE access to specialist, assured advice
  • Meet all regulations
  • Protect yourself and your customers
  • Gain respect from enforcers
  • ALL advice is applicable to ALL MEMBERS.

Our membership of the primary authority partnership scheme includes a period of annual consultation time – spread across the whole membership. If your query is not resolved with an initial contact, there may be a cost if time is required to settle the situation.

Any questions should be submitted to in the first instance please. We need; Your name, office & mobile phone numbers and email, the legal entity name of the business, type and number.

We appear on the primary authority register: