Technical Report Council Meeting  – JANUARY 2011

P Monger gave a brief update.

Stage 2 EU Directive

At a recent Stakeholder meeting on the 12th January, Defra told the group that the Minister had turned down a proposal to repeal the UK legislation in advance of implementing the EU Directive on Stage 2 PVR. The reason given for this refusal was that the total savings to Industry would be no more than £300.000 pa. The Consultation on implementing the EU Directive was now expected to be published in February. If Industry wished to revisit the subject of costs, it could do so when responding to the Consultation.

UL Report on Component Compatibility

As previously reported, the Energy Institute were proposing a research item on material compatibility, which had been pre-empted by a report from Underwriters Laboratory. This reported on tests carried out on dispensing equipment designed for up to E10 ethanol blend. The report highlighted components that had failed to operate or had leaked when exposed to higher blends of ethanol. The Institute would probably carry out a gap analysis of the report before commencing its project rather than duplicate the work already carried out. It was important for retailers to note the risk areas and monitor the performance of their equipment.


At the last meeting of the Biofuel User Group, it had been agreed not to hold further meetings unless unexpected problems emerge. The group had been started by freight operators originally, but had then been taken over by the Energy Institute. Its initial work had been completed and a great deal of information gathered. It was agreed to keep the Group active and for a workshop to be held for the industry in the spring in order to provide the findings to a wider audience.

LPG Inspections

Inspections of LPG installations were being carried out across the UK, following the findings of the explosion in Scotland. This had led to problems for petrol station operators who were frequently being challenged on their compliance with codes of practice. The Scottish incident had little relevance to retail petrol stations that did not normally have pipework buried beneath buildings. Notwithstanding that, some sites had decommissioned their LPG facilities rather than spend capital on a fringe activity.

PEIMF Protocol for Contracting

He reminded Council that he would need a list of work activity, if he was to progress this protocol. From that list it would be possible to produce a simple protocol that would carry the logo of PEIMF alongside that of the Environment Agency.  Council members agreed to provide a list of their activities to him.

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