Technical Officer’s Report – SEPTEMBER 2011

EU Directive on Stage II PVR

The directive will become law on 1st January 2012, when all new sites with a projected volume in excess of 500,000 litres will have to comply or where it is under living accommodation, that volume is reduced to 100,000 litres.

All existing sites with a volume throughput in excess of 3 million litres must have PVRII installed by 31st December 2018. The remaining sites are unaffected unless undertaking major refurbishment.

Defra has produced draft guidance for Local Authorities, which seeks to define major refurbishment. Both PEIMF and RMI have been instrumental in achieving a satisfactory outcome for operators of small sites and contractors who carry out dispenser refurbishment.

Defra recommends that the following should not be regarded as major refurbishment.

  1. i) repair of petroleum pipes, without replacing an entire pipe
  2. ii) replacement of one or more of the petrol dispensers without any other works
  3. iii) replacement of all the dispensers on a small petrol station with second-hand dispensers, which do not have a PVRII capability
  4. iv) replacement of part of the petroleum pipework on a site without any other works;

Defra is not aware of any circumstances where changing all the petroleum pipework and replacing all the dispensers with new ones would not constitute a major refurbishment.

Secretary of States guidance PG1/14 is due to be reviewed this year and that review has been delayed to take account of the requirement of the Directive. PEIMF members are requested to send any comments on matters that should be changed in this review.

This is a good outcome for PEIMF, who through their involvement have protected the used dispenser refurbishment market.

Scottish Environmental Protection Agency

SEPA is currently consulting on its proposals for introducing Stage II PVR into Scotland. Instead of prescriptive permit conditions, SEPA is proposing the introduction of Standard Rules. Site operators would be expected to follow the technical measures outlined in PG1/14. There is a delay to the introduction of PVRII for two months until the end of February 2012.

Environment Agency Guidance

The Agency is about to republish PPG7, ‘The Safe operation of Refuelling Facilities.’ PEIMF comments have been taken into account in the final draft, which is expected to be published in the next few weeks.

PPG 27 ‘Installation, Decommissioning and Removal of Underground Storage Tanks.’ is about to be reviewed and comments are invited from PEIMF members. Copies of PPG 27 are available from the Agency website or from Technical Adviser Phil Monger.

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