Technical Officer’s Report –  JUNE 2011

EU Directive Stage2 PVR

Defra recently published its consultation in the transposition of the EU Directive on Stage2 PVR. Whilst it will have little impact over and above the UK National legislation, it will potentially have serious implications for the upgrading of small and particularly rural sites. Under the UK legislation all sites with a turnover of petroleum spirit in excess of 3.5 million litres must currently have a Stage2 system in operation. Under the EU Directive this threshold is reduced to 3 million
litres for existing sites, but is not required until 2018. The major problem lies with the requirement for any sites undergoing major refurbishment and with a projected volume in excess of 500,000 litres, having to install PVR2. This requirement applies from 2012. Defra is in the process of drafting guidance to Local Authorities on a definition of ‘major refurbishment’! It is anticipated that the installation of dispensers alone or the replacement of pipe-work separately to the replacement of dispensers would not be included. PEIMF is assisting Defra with this guidance.


The number of problems associated with the storage of biofuel has significantly fallen. Having gone through the induction stage, which brought a spate of problems in certain areas, the ongoing need now is for good housekeeping, regular checks for water and the periodic
cleaning of filters. The biggest problem still remains with the lack of information as to whether a delivery contains biofuel and if so how much. This has implications for distributors, retailers, motorists and forecourt contractors. This creates a situation where it has become impossible to establish liability in the event of failure. A paper has been presented to the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) regarding the lack of information and lack of transparency, which presents problems for retailers and may create health risks for contractors.

PEIMF Representation

PEIMF is now formally represented on the Defra Stakeholders Committee, which has been welcomed by Defra as it ensures they are fully consulting with the contracting industry. This came about as a result of consultation on the EU Directive for Stage2 PVR, when it became clear that unless the guidance allowed the installation of second hand dispensers it would have had serious consequences for certain PEIMF members. That has hopefully now been resolved, but it
emphasised the need for proper consideration of contractors.

Environmental Guidance

The Energy Institute is to undertake a review of its environmental guidelines contained in the following publications

  • Guidelines for investigation and remediation of petroleum retail sites
  • Guidelines for soil, groundwater and surface water protection and vapour emission control at petrol filling stations
  • Guidance document on risk assessment for the water environment at operational fuel storage and dispensing facilities.

All three documents are due for review and a decision has yet to be taken on whether these three documents should be republished as one or kept as three publications.

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