Stage 2 Vapour Recovery

Written by Frank Hare

The deadline for sites to be converted to Stage 2 vapour recovery is now set for January 1st 2010. Only low volume sites will be exempt. This only gives the industry less than four years to complete the task. But as the old saying goes “problems are opportunities to be solved”.

The contracting industry has not had a major programme of retro-fits and adaptations for some years, but to meet the target date it will be “all hands to the pumps” – literally. Where to start for those contractors not allied to a manufacturer of pumps will be a problem. Training in the installation of the conversion kits (there will be a number of types) will be from the pump manufacturers and no doubt sub contracting will be the order of the day to keep to the target.

Suppliers of parts will play an active part in the scheme of things, as the articles in this issue of INSITE clearly show. Contractors should read through very carefully the articles in this issue to get a good grasp of the methods required and what the function of the components are. Then, if you are inclined to get involved, make contact. This legislation only applies to petrol of course and with the number of sites falling below the 10,000 level we are reliably informed, that still leaves a lot of sites to complete in less that four years. Monitoring the effectiveness of the claimed vapour rate will be a major issue. The USA sites fitted with Stage 2 in the first attempt failed and had to stripped out, being replaced with Enhanced Vapour Recovery (EVR). So let us hope the manufacturers have got it right first time. We’ll see.

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