GSF Welcomes Clear Steps Towards Broadening The UK Bioethanol Market

Written by Frank Hare

Green Spirit Fuels (GSF), the UK’s leading bio-ethanol development company today welcomed the UK’s first bioethanol E85 pump at Morrisons supermarket in Norwich as “another clear step towards developing the UK based bioethanol market”.

The UK has lagged behind Europe in the development of a bioethanol industry that can deliver proven reductions in harmful emissions from transport.

Construction of GSF’s first plant at Henstridge in Somerset is expected to commence during 2006 with production starting in 2007.  This bio-refinery will produce bio-ethanol from wheat already grown in the local area.

Current fuel specifications allow bioethanol to be blended with petrol up to up to 5% without any requirement for engine modification.  The existing, and persistent, UK grain surplus is sufficient to provide 5% of the UK’s total petrol needs.

Specially modified Flexible Fuel Vehicles (FFV’s) can operate on up to 85% bioethanol, which will also be available from the plant.

Managing Director Malcolm Shepherd continued:

“We believe that Morrisons commitment to bioethanol shows another clear signal to the government by retailers and industry that the UK is committed to developing a bioethanol future. We hope that this will be further reflected in the Budget next week, by pushing forward the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation with targets that will really get the oil majors engaged.  A timid response from government at this stage will lead to their targets being missed and another missed opportunity to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transport. Investors are now ready to help the government tackle climate change but they need to see challenging targets for the use of biofuels and significant penalties to ensure compliance.”

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