PEIMF – AGM November 2014

Minutes of PEIMF Annual General Meeting
Thursday 27th November 2014
Banks’s Stadium, Walsall F.C

Kevin Powell, Barry Dewhurst, Darrin Francis, Phil Monger, Tom Hocking, David Honeyman, Michelle King, Jeff Young, Terry Moody, Siobhan Keogh, Ian Burns, Anton Martiniussen, Dave Berry, Ken Sharples, Doreen Pooley, Bob Burnard, Chris Haritou, Paul Thomas, Jennie Riding, Simon Palmer, Kirk Main, Alex Crowther

Working Together additional attendees Alistair Clarke, Peter Jackaman, Carrie Haritou

1. Welcome from acting Chairman – Kevin Powell

2. Apologies: Richard Henry, Alex Boudry, Duncan Amos, Jacque Williams, Linda Stinton, Soren Powell-Holse, Aditya Varadpande.

3. Minutes of last AGM, 28th November 2013 – approved TH/PM

4. Matters arising not on the agenda

5. Acting Chairman’s Report
KP outlined how Clive Drake had been forced to retire from both his business and Chairmanship of the PEIMF. Unfortunately his efforts to return from illness had proved too much for him. Clive’s approach to the role had been excellent and he will be sorely missed.

We also lost our General Secretary, Frank Hare, after 16 years. Frank had taken Insite Magazine from Issue 1–63 and developed a healthy membership. Frank will be a big loss and we wish him well for the future.

A recent strategy meeting established 3 main targets for us to work towards in order to develop the PEIMF for the future:

Raise Standards Raise Profile Raise Revenue

These issues will all be reviewed from the next meeting.

KP thanked members of the committee (and their companies) for providing their valuable time to the Federation and welcomed new applicants.

6. Treasurer’s Report
JY: To the year 31st August 2014 we made a loss of £6276, following losses over the previous 2 years. Membership numbers are up but advertising revenue is down. JY explained the expenditure breakdown. Accounts were approved by TH/DF. Darrin Francis will replace Jeff as Treasurer.

7. General Secretary’s Report
DH took over the role from FH on 1st August 2014. DH stressed how pleased he was with the positive response to the Federation and Insite. We have already welcomed around 12 new or reinstated members and a number of new advertisers and editorial contributors. The attendance today is testimony to this. DH thanked everybody for their support so far.

8. Technical Officer’s Report
The full version of PM’s Technical Report will be available soon on the website. PM delivered a presentation during the morning on the new changes to Forecourt Licensing.

9. PRNSG Report
TM stated that SPA Passport numbers are now at 17,700. Dealer chains are now buying into the concept and are becoming more important as oil companies divest their sites. Online training is becoming more popular, but face to face is always better. As the oil companies and supermarkets run more of their own schemes, the SPA Passport risks becoming less significant. TM stressed how important it is to choose your training provided carefully. Maybe there could be a role here for the PEIMF.

10. Website report
DF: We are now online again. The original website was reviewed 18 months ago and it was agreed that it was not a true reflection of the PEIMF and the direction we should be moving. A new webmaster built and now manages our new site which will be more comprehensive, and offer advertising opportunities. It still needs attention and we welcome comments.

11. Election of Officers
Kevin Powell elected as Chairman
Barry Dewhurst elected as Deputy Chairman
Darrin Francis elected as Treasurer
The following were re – appointed;
Duncan Amos, Michelle King, Richard Henry, Terry Moody, Tom Hocking, plus Phil Monger, Technical Officer

We are delighted to welcome four new committee members
Anton Martiniussen, Bob Burnard, Ian Burns, Siobhan Keogh

JY suggested he act as assistant to the Treasurer, to enable a smooth handover of the role to Darrin Francis, which was agreed. PM suggested we amend meeting dates to ensure an even break of 3 months between them. DH to arrange dates for 2015.

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